Asif said: Subhan ALLAH .. Very Informative post and really required at this point of time when people are misguided by false statements… May ALLAH Azzwajal reward you for the sake of his beloved Prophet…

Salim Miya said: “Assalamualaikum my dearest brother in Islam. I have been reading your articles with much enthusiasm and have found them encouraging. It would be highly appreciated if you could put me on your email list so that I could pick up more I formation about your silsila. I am a mureed and Khalifa in the chishty nizamiya silsila. jazakallah.”

Jose Manuel: Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah, vivo en Puerto Vallarta, Méxicoi y quiero tomar Bayah.


Willy says: “Hi was reading your site I’m interested to follow sufi way spiritual path my question is is there’s certificate proof when initiated baya?”

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