Physical ablution and Spiritual Worship


Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

Blessed Juma Day of Safar. On this day (10 September 2021) after Surise, I fell into a sleep and a vision overtake me. I saw myself in the Dergah of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (q.s) in Lefke, Cyprus. Mawlana is sitting on his chair and I came near him , asking for his blessings, and he put his hand on my head and gave his blessings and we talked. (Other information keeping hidden).

Then I saw Mawalana got up to pray Sunnah salat, and this elder brother in this video got up to pray with Mawalana. They were wearing green turban and dress. When they pray, I went to make Wudu (ablution) to pray, as I did not have Wudum then I saw Shaykh Muhammad Adil coming to Dergah. Suddenly I woke up, as I did not have Wudu Physically, When I woke I regret that I could’t pray with Mawalana. I wished if I had Wudu while I fell sleep!.

I never expected that vision, in a short Nap!. I have to be more careful, a spiritual call comes unexpectedly. At that time after dawn prayers I Didn’t renew wudu, due to cough and sore throat!

Video Link:


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