The Elements of Human Formation


Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

“So, when I have fashioned him completely and breathed into him (Adam) the soul which I created for him, then fall (you) down prostrating yourselves unto him.” (15:29)

Man is created through the spirit of God,.so he is called the ‘Image of God’.(Sahih Al-Bukhari  Genesis of the Bible).

The body is created through the elements of earth.  Therefore it inherit every natural phenomenon and attributes  found on this earth.  This make man’s greatest struggle is with his own flesh.

While the energy of the body is controlled by his brain , the brain is working whether someone is sane or insane . The energy of the body is coming through the energy of smokeless Fire, which is of Jinn. This is passes through blood. 

The energy of consciousness is that of electricity energy  this flows in the neuro communication system. All this are interconnected in creatures. 

Fire energy  is created through the food , food digest in the stomach and create an energy origin of fire in nature, this is the energy of the body, the electric energy formed through the brain with the aid of fire energy that sent warm blood to the cells in the brain. The meeting place of both energy is in the brain. This electric energy is the energy of mind!. The demons and jinns also use electric energy.

But above this two energies rests human spirit, nobody can measure its energy, those who have access to it can perform various miracles and wonders. Not many has given access to this energy, because it if it is misused, it can even destroy the entire universe. Because it’s power is coming from the LORD of Heavens, and we are chained in between the fire energy and electric energy. Spirit is the the real personality.  So when you seek a person, don’t seek the temporal worldly energies of stomach or brain . Energy in Blood or Neurons .  This are worldly elements that aid human spirit to live in this world in the flesh. So many exorcists and psychologists use electric energy to tap into human minds. But they can’t go beyond this lines!.

Do not take its prosperity or its adversity a criterion for fellowship.  But seek the fellowship of the spirit. A spirit of God can be in prosperity like King Dawid, the Prophet,  peace be upon him. Or in adversity like Prophet Ayyub , or Job peace be upon him.

Usually people come to the prophets and saints to seek their spritiual energy, for short term gain or benefits.  To fix things quickly.  Like a plumber or electricians. But they don’t want to  follow their way that leads to eternal life.

But understand this truth, nothing is permanent.  Death is inevitable.  So it is upto us, how we spend your life, in what cause we utilized our life, youth, health, wealth,  time , energy,  what kind of people we took as our intimate friends and allies .So when this temporary life ends, we know where we have invested our life and we will harvest its fruits in the other world .

Tibrani records through Ibne Abbas that the Prophet of Allah (Sall Allahu ‘alaihi wa Aalihi wa sallim.) said: “(on the Resurrection day) no foot of any servant (of Allah) will move before being asked about four things: 

(1) his years and how he spent them (2) his body and how he worn it out (3) his wealth and how he spent it and (4) about his love towards us, (the Ahlul Bayt )?

Good News to those who establish their fellowship through their spirit. The most authentic relations and wisdom is what comes through the Spirit of the Prophets and saints,  and what is sought through their intercession. Everyone other than the Prophets and saints are blind in different ways and levels . Whe you want to go somewhere, you don’t ask the blind person. And a blind doesn’t ask another blind  This days, you may do , because there is Google and Alexa . But I am giving you a parable in organic level.

So we must follow the prophets and saints and take their instructions. Especially when our life turn to a new track . So we must learn to accept their words wholeheartedly and sincerely.  The saints who are out of their body is more powerful and clearer than when they are in their body in this world. They give a fully heavenly inspired command.

But while they are in their world physically, they may attack to various things relating to the mortal world due to the obligation to follow  external Law. But when they are out of the body,  there is no Fiqh and local customs controlling them. They are completely giving the Divine inspired words from the divine presence.

So the spiritual knowledge comes from the Heavenly realms to our hearts while sleeping or while awake,  we find it very beautiful and good to our spirit. But when we try to apply that our life,  our moral energies struggles and we experience so much hardship or difficulties.

We are even deceived to ask opinion from others who don’t even have a heavenly connection.  Our ego make passive efforts to unfollow heavenly orders and when we are tricked and deceived by our ego and Devils,  we regret in the end. Because when we reject heavenly orders,  we eventually get lost .

The world and its wealth is subject to inflation and deterioration. When I go aroud England,  I see so many old mansions , they are a museum or library today . I am thinking,  some family lived in that house 50 years ago or 1p0 years ago. Whereas their children and Grand children? How come they didn’t inheit this property?  Middle class people running after wealth and fame . They are not understanding.  So many rich people brought mansions mansions estates around 2010, now they are selling it in the market . What happened to them?.

I saw another news , a rich man is donating his entrie fortune for a charity .

What are we learning from it?.  The very richest people in this world today are only rich for only less than 10 years .

But the real richness Is coming from the LORD of Heavens, for His blessed servants. 

In the age of Mahdi and Messiah,  it is said that people won’t even accept charity.  Therefore we have no worry about Finance, at the same time we take what Is lawful for us and what is our right. 

There is no need to worry or put the worldly ideas of wealth in our hearts.  Allah Almighty is  powerful   He Almighty Exalted can bring forth rocks of gold and diamonds from the Heavens or from the earth.  But If everyone is affluent and everyone have gold and diamonds,  no one will come to buy it. And it will  not have any value in the market.

The value is there for an object in this world as long as there are people who don’t have it and who are willing to buy it. Imagine if the whole world is filled with golden sands , do anyone go to jewelleries or even care the gold sand out side their house?

So understand this , the best wealth is True Faith and Heavenly fellowship.  Because not many have it . Those who are looking very religious and wear outfits of imams and Priests,  they are jealous of those who have it . Kings and  Common people run to the doors of the saints who have a fellowship with heavenly stations, to the LORD of Heavens .

Wealthy is spending money in the cause of saints,  why? . Because real wealth is the relationship to the LORD of Heavens.

For those who are invited to the heavenly fellowship,  stand firm and hold fast with love and respect.  Sacrifice worldly rules and ideas,  seek the heavenly wisdom and fellowship.

You will become a living tree or a branch of a living tree .

Wa salamun alal Mursaleen

Walhamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

~ Jouhar Ali Naqshabandi Al-Hassani

(The photo is only for the purpose of reflection on human nature,  not to be seen as realistic)


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