Prepare for the Age of Truth and Justice


Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘after Me, Khulafa (caliphate) will come; after Khulafa, Kings-Maliks will come, after Maliks, Sultans will come. After sultan, in Ahir Zaman, Allah swt has given one century to the control of this world to the hands of the unbelievers. If you reach to that time, you cannot change anything, beacause the power is going to be in their hand.’ And Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘My advice to you, be patient and stay on the Haqq. Wait for Sahibul zaman to come.’ No one is going to be able to change anything. Correct yourself. Keep yourself on the Siratul Mustaqeem, keep your ego under the control, then that time you have the right to be with Mahdi (AS). If your heart is saying Allah, then you will be able to stand and to look at him. Otherwise you cannot look. You will be burnt with that what is coming; what is going to bring. Isa (Jesus AS) coming down from the paradise. Those people they cannot be near to that.

Now it’s time to fill our power, because soon we are going to start using it. Inshallah ar-Rahman. You know before war, every army, they prepare. And, there is generals, there is soldiers, there is field commanders, they are preparing the army. They know. The generals they know when they are going to give ahead for that war, they know. And they are looking and they are putting the soldiers on the line and they are saying, “now it is time. Now just wait for the signal, the war is going to begin.”

Someone see, they say, “i want to become the soldier of Mahdi (AS).” Do you think that you are going to be the soldier just like that, saying “I want to be soldier” ? Ha Ha Ha (sheykh laughs)
“Lick your hand.” Prepare yourself now. Keep yourself busy with remembering Allah. Keep yourself on Siratul Mustaqeem. Stop Malayani. Leave the things that doesn’t concern you. Don’t run after every knowledge that is not concerning you. That is a sign, Holy Prophet (asws) saying, when a servant is running after every knowledge that is not concerning them, it is enough sign showing that Allah doesn’t love that individual. Look at yourselves. Look at “what I am doing daily”, “what i am busy with”, look at yourself, you will understand which side you are standing that time, and how you are preparing yourself. And, the commander feels, and the generals of Mahdi (AS), they are ready, they are watching very carefully. They are going and they are giving Tekmil to him (Mahdi AS) every day. You just have to sit and watch. Prepare yourself. Those days are very near.

Why I am saying this to you? I say to you one more thing. Holy Prophet (asws) saying, “The one who fools us, he’s not one of us. The one who gets fooled, he’s not one of us too.” I know this hadith so I’m not lying to you and I am not fooling you. Prepare yourself. It’s about in his hand to take the Takbir, Mahdi (AS). Awliya-Allah is sitting and watching: is it morning? or Maghrib? They are watching every day. Heedless muslims, they are sleeping. One more thing to you: Mahdi does not in need of you; You are in need of Mahdi (AS). He is coming with a strong power and Allah SWT is supporting him with the angelic world. If you will be in his list, we will be honored again, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alimeen. That is giving to everyone who is hearing this word. To this whole mankind. If they want to change today, by tomorrow they will be in that list. If not, you can only say, “I want to be in that list”. How you are living, look at yourself. What you are aiming?, look at yourself. You will understand that time where you are going to be inshallah ar Rahman.

– SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

Shaykh of the Naqshbandi Haqqani Osmanli Tariqah


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