The solution for the problems of Muslims is to return to Islam

The solution for the problems of Muslims is to return to Islam


Today the name of Islam is there, today the appearances of the Quran is there, the appearances of Masjids are there, but Mu’mins, where are they?

We are looking. Where are they?

They are hiding. They are pulling themselves to the corners. And the hypocrites, the fools and the ignorant, the tools for Sheytan are appearing here and there. This is the way that it has to happen.

That’s what the Holy Prophet (sws) said, `The ones that are giving light are going to pull themselves to the corners. So you are not going to see light. Those who are looking for light, they are going to run after, they are going to find them. But those who are not liking the light of Islam, they are not going to care. They are just like the bats. As soon as they see the light, it’s bothering them.’

If these nations are looking for safety then the only way is to turn their faces to the Prophet (sws). All these leaders must go to the tomb of the Holy Prophet (sws). They must beg and cry for forgiveness and ask for the Holy Prophet (sws) to give intercession to them.

If they are not doing that then their nations are going to fall into the worst situation which every single day they are already falling.

Those strong nations are falling down because they have not trained and they have not brought up a new generation that is going to hold on tightly. They only brought up terrorists, they only brought up arrogant individuals, stubborn ones and nothing else.

From their school systems to whole family situations, husbands and wives, they brought up new generations who are only standing up against their families, against their fathers and mothers and cursing. So many of them cannot speak in the streets. When you look at them from the outside they are acting like angels. As soon as they enter into their houses they act like wolves and hyenas.
Hmm. This is the reality
-Shaykh Abdul Kerim el Kibrisi (q.s)


Notes: Seyh Effendi saying that Muslims are following the ways of unbelievers , this is mentioned in the Hadith, and the peace and safety is removed from them because they are disobeying their Creator. Only safety and peace coming through complete submission to the Creator. And this is mentioned in the Quran (Quran 2:208). And Saints of Allah, they teach the Words of Allah and the Words of His Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) in simple words to the common people. Making it easy to understand for everyone.

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