Resist the ways of devil

Resist the Ways of Devil (Evil) : A Discourse of Shaykh Lokman Hoja (q.s)


How many times you hear us saying that story that Allah SWT sending an Angel to punish a city because that city is just going out, passing their limits, and the angel is saying, ‘there is one known to You Ya Rabbi, there is one good person there, one who studies so much, one who does so much, one who worships a lot. If You are sending this punishment,’ listen carefully because definitely we are not one of those scholars, because we don’t even reach there. You don’t worship so much, you don’t make zikr so much, you don’t read so much, you don’t do anything so much except for sitting and wasting your time and complaining about each other. Listen to what Allah SWT said to that angel. ‘Punish that one ten times more because he is not standing up for the truth. He is not warning the people.’ This goes to every scholar out there, this goes to everyone who says that ‘I have this title, I am an alim or I am a Sheykh or I am a dervish.’ It goes to everyone. If you are not standing up to the tyrants, what we can say? This is the time of jababirah. But you are not busy with the tyrants. Yeah, you are busy with the tyrants.

This is not a story. This is a hadiths. This is a Sahih Hadiths. And it was Hz Jibreel who said that to Allah SWT, ‘It is known to you there is one scholar amongst them.’ Allah SWT is saying, ‘punish that one ten times more because never once his face darkens with anger for the sake of Allah.’ Today’s scholars, their mouth is so sweet. I’m listening to their words, I get diabetes. I get sugar coma. It’s so sweet. But I don’t see them getting upset for the sake of Allah, to say, ‘this is wrong, this is wrong, and this is wrong.’ Maybe it is not wrong to the majority of the people, they are accepting so many wrong things for thousands of years that is forbidden in every Holy Book in every way, and now, because everyone is saying it is okay, people are saying it is okay too, Muslims are saying it is okay too, scholars are also saying it is okay. They are saying it is alright. And I don’t see them getting upset for the sake of Allah. ‘Oh, you cannot, if you get upset for the sake of Allah your bosses are not going to like it.’ Definitely your murids are not going to like it. Because they are going to say, ‘who are you? Shut up and sit there, I am giving you money. Don’t you know without us you cannot set up that institute, that academy?’ you just have to go along. You cannot even say that is haram, that is forbidden.

Everyone is afraid. Afraid of Allah? No, definitely not. They are afraid of the kafir. They are afraid of unbelief. They are afraid of dajjal. These are the ones that are going to be with dajjal. The fight against to dajjal starts now. If you are going to start fighting when dajjal appears, too late. The fight starts now.

– Sheykh Lokman Effendi Hz

(C) Sufi Live, Naqshbandi Haqqani Osmani Sufi Way


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