Live according to your faith

Live according to your faith: Discourse of Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)


Living for Allah’s sake is going to make you more happy in dunya and akhirat. Living for dunya sake, everyday that you are getting better in dunya, you are going to be more miserable because you are going to worry more. That’s exactly what’s happening to the whole mankind.

Someone asked a Sahabi one day, ‘who’s the worse man among the mankind?’ The Sahabi said,‘that onewho is seeing something wrong and he is not interfering in any way. He is just living for his selfish lifestyle again.That one is just like a dead man among the living ones.’ He said, ‘this is what I have heard from the Prophet (asws).’

So, to be able to do that, first we must correct ourselves. Fixed ourselves in order to be able to reach to other people that you said you love so much. You cannot reach to them unless you fix yourself. Unless you fix your intention and unless you say, ‘Ya Rabbi, I’m living for your sake.’ Then you’ll be able to reach to others.

We have reached to the end of the time. Second Jahilliya, the holy Prophet is saying that it is going to be worse than the first. The children of Adam is entering into that and the Muslims, every single day, they are losing more of what Prophet has left to them. They are adopting the lifestyle that does not come with Islam. More you do that, more you are going to lose and more you are going to run away from Islam. But don’t forget, because every day you are going one more step forward to your grave. Everyday you are getting closer to death and angel of death is reaching closer to you each day.

– Sahibul Saif Hazret Sheykh Abd Kerim Al-Rabbani (Qaddasallahu Sirrahu)


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