Welcome to Sufism Live Fellowship. A fellowship of Zikr (Remembrance of God) ,Salat (Ritual Prayers), Du’a (Daily Supplications), Salawat (Salutations upon the Prophet of Allah) Mahabba (Love) and Khidma (Service). This are the spiritual foundations of Sufism.

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful and the Especially Beneficent
Jouhar Ali Rabbani helps people to learn and practice Sufism and meditation according to the Naqshabandi and Rabbani (general path) paths, people from all backgrounds are welcome to try Sufi way of connection to spiritual masters (prophets and saints) and attaining spirituality and peace.
Our mission is to bring people to their realities and to the Supreme Reality, who created and sustains them.
We welcome those who want to turn away from external poisons (debates and disagreements, toxic attachments), and move towards their own internal light, spirit and word (the spiritual provisions), which will liberate their life from all external pollutions and miseries.
The Door is open for everyone, and there is no fee. Your success is our fee, when you succeed in realising your spirituality, you have paid your fee. So only those who are serious and sincere, welcome to the spiritual work aim to improve the spiritual life as well as personal life.
. • Jouhar Ali Rabbani

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